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At Murrieta Valley Surgery Associates, we offer diverse surgical services and lasting solutions to restore health. Coupling decades of experience with a proven track record of successful outcomes, the specialists at our surgical center are dedicated to helping every patient improve their well-being.

Serving Riverside County’s General Surgical Needs

Our team recognizes that optimal treatment begins with personalized care. As a multi-specialty surgical practice, we tailor services to fit your specific needs. Utilizing advanced diagnostic technologies and state-of-the-art techniques, we ensure that your treatment is the safest and most effective available today.  

From treatment for skin cancer to intervention for internal medical issues and emergency services, our team offers several general surgical procedures, including:

Hernia Repair: Our specialists offer advanced laparoscopic and Shouldice hernia repair, which reduces post-surgery discomfort and allows patients to return to their normal activities as soon as possible.

Laparoscopic Gallbladder Surgery: We treat patients with gallstones and remove gallbladders using advanced laparoscopic technology. We provide minimally invasive solutions for quick recoveries.  

Breast Surgery: Our surgeons offer treatment for non-cancerous medical conditions affecting the breasts, including fibrocystic breast changes, cysts, fibroadenomas, and mastitis. In cases where more serious conditions, including malignant tumors, have been identified, our surgeons work closely with your primary care physician to determine the best course of care. 

Thyroid Surgery: Whether used to treat nodules, thyroid cancer, or hyperthyroidism, thyroid surgery is designed to address a variety of endocrine conditions fully.

Skin Cancer and Melanoma Surgery: Early diagnosis and proactive treatment are critical factors in preventing the spread of skin cancers. If you’ve been diagnosed or are at risk of developing skin cancer, visit Murrieta Valley Surgery Associates. From biopsy to excision, our specialists treat patients with melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, and squamous cell carcinoma.

Stomach Surgery: We offer stomach surgery to treat conditions such as stomach cancer, ulcers, pyloric sphincter motility, dysphagia, and stomach dumping.

Intestinal Surgery: Many conditions can prompt the need for intestinal surgery, including infection, inflammatory disease, and acid reflux disease. Our specialists use advanced laparoscopic surgery to resection and restore intestinal health.

Portacath Placement: For patients receiving chemotherapy or other medications intravenously, our surgeons work with your oncologist and primary care physician to place a portacath for improved delivery of medication.

Trauma Surgery: For individuals involved in serious accidents, receiving immediate appropriate care can make all the difference in their recovery. Our trauma specialists have admitting privileges at most major hospitals throughout the Inland Empire. Once we’ve addressed critical health conditions and stabilized a patient’s condition, our specialists coordinate long-term recovery care.

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Providing minimally invasive surgical procedures at our state-of-the-art centers in Wildomar, Temecula, and Hemet, Murrieta Valley Surgery Associates is your home for general surgery. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call our office at (951) 698-3000. We accept referrals from primary care physicians throughout Orange, Riverside and San Diego counties.

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