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Kaylene Barrera, MD

General Surgeon and Acute Care Surgeon Located in Temecula, CA

I am Dr. Kaylene Barrera, and it my absolute pleasure to be a surgeon in this community. I grew up in Southern California and got interested in Medicine when I was young. My mother had initially wanted to be a social worker, but then went back to school to become a nurse and would ask me to help her study by quizzing her with flashcards.

This led me to college at the University of California, Irvine and medical school at the University of Southern California, where I was fortunate to work with some amazing mentors that inspired me to go into surgery.  My surgical training continued at the State University of New York, Downstate in Brooklyn where I trained at county and university hospitals.  Again, I was blessed to have the most amazing mentors that taught me not only the technical aspects of surgery but the importance of dedication to our patients.  I appreciated how as a surgeon, one could be involved in every aspect of a patient's care, contribute to scientific breakthroughs and be a patient advocate.  Sharing what I have learned and experienced as a surgeon,  I have published 9 peer reviewed publications, 33 national presentations, and four book chapters.  I also have written about impact of meaningful issues such as drug shortage and the opioid epidemic, as these have a profound impact on my patients lives.

My journey has led be back to California, and to a great practice where I feel at home.  My partners and I strive to treat each patient that we take care of like our family.  As a general surgeon I have the opportunity to care for conditions ranging anywhere from lipomas and cysts to hernias, gallbladder disease, hemorrhoids, breast disease, trauma, and intestinal surgery.  
Outside of the operating room, I enjoy playing the clarinet and saxophone, being an amateur gardener, and watching reruns of Star Trek TNG.  

Thank you for choosing Murrieta Valley Surgery Associates, looking forward to the opportunity to help you in your wellness journey