Experienced Surgical Care for Optimal Breast Health

While breast cancer is publicly well known, many non-cancerous conditions may also affect breast health. At Murrieta Valley Surgery Associates, we provide quality care for a variety of breast-related conditions. Our experienced surgeons and dedicated staff work with you to alleviate breast health issues ranging from mild to complex, malignant and benign.

If you have a condition that may require breast surgery, contact our practice and schedule a consultation today.

Breast Health Conditions with Surgical Solutions

Our practice is equipped with the latest tools and techniques to address the gamut of breast health issues effectively. We provide surgery to improve the health of patients facing the following issues:

Fibrocystic Breasts– A common condition of enlarged fluid-filled nodules, which usually does not require surgery. However, if persistent draining proves ineffective, surgery may be used to remove the problematic cyst.

Fibroadenoma – A benign lump in the breast that may or may not be painful. Our surgeons work with both simple cases and cases of complex or giant fibroadenomas.

Mastitis – An inflammation of the breast sometimes seen in nursing mothers when milk is not fully drained, potentially leading to infection. Although mastitis generally doesn’t require surgery, if an abscess develops, our practice is equipped to handle safe treatment of the abscess.

Breast Cancer Surgical Treatment

We understand that a breast cancer diagnosis can leave patients feeling uncertain and vulnerable. Our surgeons and staff focus on providing not only effective care but compassion and sensitivity to help you feel informed and well cared for during treatment.

Every patient’s case is unique and requires a different approach. We’ll work closely with your primary care physician and oncologist to ensure that your treatment is personalized and as effective as possible. Our surgeons are highly experienced in tumor removal, and we have a long-standing relationship with the many practicing PCPs in our local community, enabling better communication between doctors and better care for you.

Attentive and Reliable Care

We know that from a patient’s perspective, no surgery is small. Our surgeons and staff strive to build a relationship of confidence and trust between our patients and us. Entrust your care to our qualified surgeons – schedule an appointment with Murrieta Valley Surgery Associates today.

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